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Our costs lawyers are highly experienced in representing both solicitors and clients in disputes arising from the amount of legal costs charged by the solicitor to the client for work undertaken.
Solicitor and client assessments are a form of costs assessment which takes place when a client wishes to challenge the costs claimed by a solicitor within their bill under the Solicitors Act 1974. A client may consider that the costs sought in a solicitor’s bill were unreasonably high or unreasonably incurred.

How we can assist the Client

Clients are often unfamiliar with the procedure for solicitor and client costs assessments, therefore before commencing any work we take the time to explain the procedure, as well as the risks and costs involved.

There are time limits surrounding solicitor and client costs assessments and so we urge clients to contact us to discuss their situation as soon as possible.

Our specialist costs lawyers will review the bills that have been rendered by the solicitor, help clients to understand the work done, consider the reasonableness of the costs claimed and provide clients with advice. 

If it is appropriate to proceed, we will make an application for assessment of the bills. Utilising our knowledge and experience in this area of costs, we advance the strongest arguments to support your case.

We are often able to obtain significant reductions to the solicitor’s costs for our clients, and where the costs are reduced by 20% or more, our clients are generally able to recover their costs of the assessment procedure.

We guide our clients throughout the entire process and provide estimates of our fees at every stage.

How we can assist the Solicitor

We are often instructed by solicitors to prepare compliant and accurate breakdowns of costs in respect of the bills to be assessed. We are also able to advise on appropriate court directions for the assessment of the costs to ensure effective case management.

Following service of the breakdown of costs, we consider any points of dispute served by clients and provide solicitors with thorough advice on the merits of the issues raised and the reasonableness of any offers of settlement.

Our costs lawyers are skilled in drafting robust replies to points of dispute. Utilising our expertise in technical costs issues and knowledge of the relevant authorities, we ensure that we advance all possible arguments to justify the costs claimed.

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