Legal Costs Draftsman Service

Our team of experts provide bespoke legal costs draftsman services and a strategic approach to address the specific objectives of our clients.  Our comprehensive costs draftsman service ensures that we support our clients and help them to address and resolve multifaceted challenges in relation to all aspects of legal costs.


We have extensive experience in both recovering costs on behalf of receiving parties and opposing costs on behalf of paying parties.  Whether our clients require preparation of a costs budget, bill of costs, points of dispute or pragmatic advice, an experienced legal costs draftsman at Athene Legal can help with every aspect of the costs budgeting process through to the detailed assessment of costs.


We provide a complete costs draftsman service, and deal with the legal costs in a wide range of matters funded under private retainers, conditional fee agreements, damages-based agreements, third party litigation funding and legal aid.

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Legal Aid Costs Draftsman

Our team of experts provide bespoke legal aid costs draftsman services where matters are funded under legal help and legal aid.


A legal aid costs draftsman can recover legal costs from the Legal Aid Agency, but if the claim is successful and an inter-partes costs order is made, a legal aid costs draftsman can also recover legal costs from the unsuccessful party.  A specialist legal aid costs draftsman will be able to prepare a six-column bill of costs (as opposed to a three-column bill) and ensure that the appropriate costs are claimed from both the LAA and the unsuccessful party.

Why Choose Athene Legal as Your Legal Costs Draftsman?

We are experienced in dealing with the costs in high-profile and substantial litigation.  We provide costs draftsman services to many leading practices and ranked lawyers, as recognised by the leading independent legal directories. By choosing Athene Legal, you will be instructing a legal costs draftsman with a wealth of knowledge and experience in costs.


Our clients trust us to deliver our costs draftsman service exercising the exact same care and attention to detail that they demonstrate during the substantive proceedings.

Costs Draftsman Services

Our legal costs draftsman team prepare bills of costs in all types of claims. Our bills of costs are detailed and comprehensive documents that justify the costs claimed and maximise recovery. We also undertake costs negotiations at no additional charge. 

Our legal costs draftsman team prepare costs budgets that accurately reflect the important interaction between case and costs management and justify the costs claimed. We fully support our clients throughout the costs management process.

Our  legal costs draftsman team provide accurate estimates of costs broken down into milestones or phases that can be relied upon, relayed to the client, utilised for legal project management purposes, and used to establish the suitability of certain funding arrangements.

Our legal costs draftsman team are experienced in negotiating legal costs both on behalf of, and against, leading top 100 UK law firms and major insurers. Our knowledge of technical and evolving areas of costs, together with our tenacious approach, enables us to reach a swift and successful settlement of costs.

Our legal costs draftsman team prepare points of dispute and reply that are clearly written and set out concisely the nature and grounds of the argument. Utilising our expertise, we ensure that we advance all possible arguments to either dispute or defend the costs claimed.

Our legal costs draftsman team prepare statements of costs for a wide range of purposes, including interim application hearings, mediation, consequential hearings and following settlement. We present the costs in a clear and concise manner, which maximises recovery of costs.

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