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We provide law cost draftsman services in a full spectrum of practice areas, including commercial and corporate litigation, banking and finance litigation, intellectual property, product liability, professional negligence, civil liberties and human rights, housing and property law, personal injury, clinical negligence, family law and Court of Protection.

If you require a leading law costs draftsman in London, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in drafting and recovering legal costs.  Our team of costs draftsman in London bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of legal costs.  By instructing Athene Legal, you will receive a law cost draftsman with expertise in the costs budgeting process and detailed assessment procedure.  We are experts in both recovering and opposing costs and provide law costs draftsman services to both receiving and paying parties.

Athene Legal Costs Lawyers and Costs Draftsman, London, are experienced in dealing with the legal costs in high-profile litigation in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, and we have acted on behalf of many leading practices and ranked lawyers, as recognised by the leading independent legal directories.

We aim to work with our clients for the long term and we build relationships with that in mind. Our clients always receive honesty and professionalism; core values that are embedded in our culture.
By working together in extension to our clients’ legal teams, we learn and understand their business and provide strategic advice to help them navigate all elements of legal costs.
As members of the Association of Costs Lawyers, and through regulation by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board, our clients’ interests are always protected, and we ensure that we deliver excellent client care and a consistently high quality of service to all clients.

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Our Expertise

We provide legal costs services to law firms, insurers and other legal entities in the UK.  If you require a costs lawyer in London, with our wealth of knowledge and experience, we can assist you in all areas of legal costs.  Our team of cost lawyers in London help to address and resolve multifaceted challenges in relation to legal costs, tailoring our strategic approach to address the specific objectives of our clients.

Our law costs draftsmen prepare detailed and comprehensive bills of costs that justify the costs claimed and maximise recovery of costs.
Our law costs draftsmen prepare costs budgets that accurately reflect the important interaction between case and costs management.
Our law costs draftsmen prepare statements of costs for interim hearings, mediation, consequential hearings and following settlement.
Our law costs draftsmen provide accurate estimates of costs that can be relied upon, relayed to the client and used when considering funding arrangements.
Our law costs draftsmen are experienced in negotiating costs on behalf of and against leading top 100 UK law firms and major insurers.
Our law costs draftsmen prepare points of dispute and reply that are clearly written and set out concisely the nature and grounds of the argument.
Our law costs draftsmen provide support throughout the entire detailed assessment procedure, including representation at detailed assessment hearings.
Our law costs draftsmen act on behalf of leading practices, as recognised by the leading legal directories, in a wide range of practice areas.

A law costs draftsman is a specialist lawyer who settles the legal costs of a court case.  A law cost draftsman is the only branch of the legal profession with detailed knowledge and expertise in legal costs. An experienced law costs draftsman, such as those within our team, deals with a wide range of legal costs matters, including costs between the parties, solicitor and client costs, and legal aid or public funding.

Legal costs is a complex and unique area of law.  Utilising their expertise, a law cost draftsman can draft costs pleadings with a high level of accuracy and provide pragmatic advice on complex costs issues in a digestible form, which is essential to either justifying or opposing legal costs.

For law firms, instructing a law cost draftsman allows the solicitor to focus on case management, leaving the law cost draftsman to deal with costs management.

Whilst a law costs draftsman is a highly specialist legal professional, a costs lawyer will, in addition, be a qualified and regulated lawyer.  We are members of the Association of Costs Lawyers and regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board, meaning we consistently deliver a high quality of service to all clients.

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