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Intellectual Property

We are experienced in dealing with the legal costs arising from complex and substantial intellectual property disputes in the Patents Court, and the broader Intellectual Property List and Chancery Division. We deliver a comprehensive range of legal costs services in intellectual property claims brought on behalf of SMEs to global businesses, including claims involving both infringements of UK and EU registered trademarks.

We address and resolve multifaceted challenges in relation to all aspects of legal costs in claims arising from trademark infringements, copyright infringements, patent infringements, and design right infringements.


Our clients can rely on our expertise in both the costs management process and detailed assessment procedure. We prepare costs budgets that properly reflect the important interaction between case and costs management in intellectual property disputes. We take great care in preparing accurate costs budgets with clear underlying assumptions and closely monitoring the same thereafter, which gives our clients the best possible opportunity of maximising recovery of their legal costs.


Our dynamic and client-focussed team are also experienced in preparing substantial bills of costs in high profile intellectual property disputes. We understand that bills of costs and other costs-related court documents in intellectual property disputes must be immaculately prepared and our clients can trust us to prepare their costs pleadings with the meticulous attention to detail required.


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Services in Intellectual Property

We help to address and resolve multifaceted challenges in relation to all aspects of legal costs, tailoring our strategic approach to address the specific objectives of our clients.

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