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Human Rights

We understand how important it is that accountability and redress is sought and achieved for those whose rights have been infringed; therefore, we recognise that civil liberties and human rights cases are among the most important cases before the English courts. We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of legal costs in high profile and complex civil liberties and human rights cases in the High Court of Justice, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

As experts in legal costs, we provide a complete range of legal costs services in civil liberties and human rights claims brought on behalf of individuals whose fundamental rights have been violated, and who have suffered injustice at the hands of the State.


We have a wealth of experience dealing with the costs of claims brought under the Human Rights Act 1998 following breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights or arising from breaches of other fundamental rights.


We have expertise in dealing with the legal costs in the full spectrum of civil liberties and human rights cases, including:


- Public international law claims;

- Unlawful detention;

- Actions against the police;

- Failures to investigate crimes;

- Human trafficking;

- Judicial reviews; 

- Immigration; 

- Actions against local authorities; and

- Actions against NHS organisations.


We are also experienced in dealing with the costs of claims brought on behalf of people with learning disabilities or mental health problems that have suffered an abuse of their rights whilst detained or in the care of the State.


Inquests and coronial proceedings often play a significant part in civil liberties and human rights claims as the families of loved ones seek evidence and disclosure that will assist them with a civil claim. We are experienced in recovering legal costs relating to lengthy coronial proceedings and inquests, where the inquest costs often account for large proportions of the bill of costs. Such costs are usually highly contentious, but our knowledge of the relevant authorities surrounding inquest costs, coupled with our ability to apply the law to the facts of an individual case, affords our clients the best possible opportunity of maximising their recovery of inquest costs.


With a deep understanding of the characteristics of legal costs in civil liberties and human rights claims, our clients can rely on our expertise both during the costs management process and detailed assessment procedure. We are experienced in preparing substantial bills of costs in civil liberties and human rights cases. 


We also understand that, often in civil liberties and human rights cases, the non-monetary relief in the proceedings, such as declarations, letters of apology and admissions of liability, are just as important to the claimants as the damages obtained. We are skilled in constructing powerful arguments in relation to the same when it turns to the issue of proportionality of the costs claimed, and this enables us to achieve outstanding results for our clients.


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